Hi, I’m Georgia! 

A 22 year old Teacher from the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, Australia. I have a passion for health and fitness and love to promote having an enjoyable & active lifestyle. 

I started an Instagram page ge.healthylife in January 2018. I had been focusing on my health & fitness journey about 6 months prior to starting the account. I wanted somewhere that I could share my journey that was separate to my personal account. However, 2 years down the track after studying to be a Teacher and now with a full time role, I have decided to no longer use this account and purely share my recipes and ideas on this website.

My main reason for starting to focus on health & fitness comes down to my gut issues. From a very young age I have struggled with my gut health. I have worked with so many medical professionals but there never seemed to be an answer. After finishing school, I decided to start assessing things on my own. After years of pain, discomfort, constipation & reflux, I finally found my own way to feel better in myself and begin to control these issues. Health & fitness is something that has become a passion of mine & something that I will continue to thrive on.. being the best version of myself. 

You will find that a lot of my recipes are dairy & gluten free. I have chosen not to eat dairy due to the way it impacts my gut. I can tolerate some gluten but I like to limit the amount I eat as I feel much better this way. However, all of my recipes can be tailored to suit each person’s individual needs!

I decided to introduce a blog/website in early 2019 to keep all of my recipes, workouts & lifestyle tips in one place that’s easy for people to access! I have been overwhelmed with love and support on Instagram and this website over the last 2 years. For now I want to use this platform as a way to share my love for a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you find my content inspiring & motivating to live a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle!

Love, G xx