Zesty Green Chicken Pasta

• Chick breast – I bought mine already marinated but you could marinate yourself in lemon & herbs
• pasta of your choice 
• greens – broccolini, spiralized zuchinni & a few handfuls of spinach/rocket
• lemon
• garlic oil
• goats cheese or mozzarella 

1. Cook chicken & pasta 
2. Chop/wash broccolini & peel zucchini into ribbons 
3. Once pasta and chicken are cooked – steam greens in the microwave or on the stove 
4. Now that everything is cooked, in your bowl combine spinach, pasta & greens and drizzle with olive oil & 1/2 juice of a lemon
5. Slice chicken and place on top of the pasta & greens
6. Top with salt, chilli flakes & cheese