Healthy Battered Fish

  1. Mix 2-3 eggs with a few tablespoons of spelt flour to create a batter – how much you use will depend on the amount of fish you have to coat. If the mixture seems to dry – add more egg, if it seems too wet – add more flour!
  2. Cut up your fish & heat up some olive oil in the pan
  3. Dip your piece of fish into batter & fry off in the oil until browned on both sides. Continue this until you have battered & fried all your fish!

I made fish tacos with my battered fish & then used the leftover fish in a salad for lunch the next day with some spinach, cucumber, carrot & sweet potato, I topped it all off with some lime & @naked.byron.foods vegan mayo !

Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos

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