STRETCHING is so important!

Stretching after a workout is so important & something I always make sure to do. 
It helps me cool down & has helped improve my flexibility, as well as reduce any tightness in my muscles. Here are 10 more reasons why you should be stretching:

  1. Decreased your stress levels 
  2. Reduced pain & stiffness after a workout
  3. Improve your health & wellbeing 
  4. Enhance your range of motion
  5. Improve how your muscles function
  6. Reduce the risk of injuries
  7. Enhance your performance
  8. Improve blood flow & circulation within your body
  9. Minimise any wear and tear on your joints
  10. Improve quality of life!!

Here’s a little snippet of how I like to stretch out my body. I don’t follow any exact ‘routine’ – I just start from the bottom & work my way up! I hold each stretch until I feel like it’s been stretched enough. 


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